Viva Fiesta ~ San Antonio Style!

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Floral design is in my veins. As a third generation florist, I grew up watching my mother and grandmother create stunning flower arrangements and decorate lavish events.

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Photo Courtesy Battle of Flowers Association

Let’s Taco bout Fiesta Time in San Antonio! The whole month of April is dedicated to an annual festival that is also known as the Battle of Flowers.  Starting in 1891, this event commemorates the Battle of the Alamo which took place in San Antonio and is truly a city-wide party.  When the festival first began, carriages, bicycles, and baby buggies would be adorned with live flowers and ladies would throw flowers at each other.  It is now known as Fiesta and along with Parades, events, and ceremonies, people love to decorate their houses, doors, and outside areas. 

I love creating these special wreaths with all the wonderful bright ribbons and little items such as sombreros, maracas, fans, and piñatas! 

A new trend is taking a hula hoop or large circle and looping A LOT of bright color ribbon with it cascading down and then hanging it from the big oaks outside.  These hoops are an incredible sight dancing and swaying in the wind.  Some families are also hanging hot pink, sunny yellow, bright orange, teal blue, and lime green ribbons from their outside balustrades.

All of these Fiesta items can also be used for Cinco de Mayo- you don’t have to live in San Antonio to join in the fun and festivities!  See you at Fiesta!!!

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