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From Concept to Creation: Let Our Floral Designs 

curating elegant experiences with unforgettable memories 

unleash your creativity

We’ll bring your vision to life– whether it’s creating a stunning centerpiece for your dinner guests or an over-the-top, lavish holiday party. With our keen eye for detail and passion for floral design, we ensure that every bloom is perfectly placed to create a breathtaking display that you and your guests will never forget. 

Elevate the ambiance of your home 

Our designs grace a select number of private residences, restaurants, and businesses. For lavish Christmas celebrations, allow our bespoke holiday designs to make you THE event of the season that everyone looks forward to. 

Holiday Events
& Soirées 

Editorial and otherwise– we style breathtaking features for your publication, just tell us the season or holiday you want to explore and we’ll take care of the rest! 

Photo & 
Prop Styling

From joyous family gatherings to whimsical celebrations and everything in between, we bring your vision to life with stunning florals so your event is anything but ordinary. 

Floral Designs, Events, & Celebration Production

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Exquisite florals & event styling 

Amanda ‘Mandy’ Barkley, CEO & Creative Director

Amanda Barkley Design Company is one of the top creative floral and design companies in Texas. 

Our expertise in floral design and event production transforms spaces to create unique experiences for our clients. We weave together emotion and floral artistry to tell the perfect story. Celebrating the natural beauty of flowers and foliage, we are inspired to create lasting memories with their charm– each petal and sprig leaving you with relief, pride, and pure joy.  

We create your story 

We create more than an event. 

- Heather Cooper, Former Resident Artist and Designer for The White House

“Mandy was graced with the gift of magic. Her ability to take the mundane and turn it into a decorative masterpiece is beyond description, and her energy and wonderful outlook cheer up any room far beyond the decor”

- Katie Ellis, Editor with The Cottage Journal

“Amanda Barkley is an absolute joy to work with! She not only brings a wealth of creative ideas and experience into a project; she also possesses a professional work ethic and enthusiasm that elevates and excites the entire process. Her eye for editorial styling and artistic talent consistently exceeds expectations, and her magnetic personality can make long days of hard work feel more like play. When hired for any creative project, Amanda will eagerly take your vision and directives to the next level to deliver inspiring, magazine-ready content. ”

 It was love at first bud for our clients! 

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In the press and media

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