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In the press and media

In the press and media

And that is priceless. 

A family united by a common passion: creation. Floral design is in my veins. As a third generation florist, I grew up watching my mother and grandmother create stunning flower arrangements and decorate lavish events. In fact, my grandmother’s shop, Nita’s Flowers, is still in business in Bryan, Texas after 75 years. My passion for floral design and my attention to detail come directly from these two talented matriarchs. 

Because I started decorating at an early age, I developed coveted skills that led to me being hired by The White House. After volunteering there, they saw my innovative creations and hired me as a floral design artist where I worked for years creating lavish holiday designs.

My biggest passion (aside from creating stunning designs, of course!) is seeing memories formed and traditions made through my work. From traditional holiday parties, festive celebrations, and custom events, I’ve seen one thing in common– it brings people together.

 68 Years of Flowers: 
A Family Tradition

Only using the best florals and materials of the highest quality available to us at the time of your event


Elevating floral design with cutting edge, high-caliber innovation that’s constantly evolving with new textures, flowers, and décor


Unwavering commitment to client experience and client satisfaction


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Service offerings include: holiday event florals, luxury event design, photo & prop styling, freelance traveling design, and editorial creations.

The philosphy of Amanda Barkley Design Company is to collaborate with the exquisite hand of nature, drawing the eye to the beautiful contrasts and whimsicality of materials. Each composition is made to measure and resembles you, in order to express your deepest emotions. We seek dazzling flowers, seed pods, magnificent greenery, and undergrowth to achieve designs that create desire and evoke emotion. 

We pursue the best of the season throughout the year. Our materials come from local growers and a network of high-end vendors whenever possible. We strive to only use the most quality materials for your events to provide the most grand, memorable experience for you and your guests. Our work is intended to relieve your stress, spark joy and wonder, and allow you to stand out as THE event of the season. 

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